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Metro Street Focus Organization was founded by a group of committed and concerned individuals who were motivated by the spirit of love and compassion for fellow human beings. In response to the issues facing the homeless and other socially isolated and disadvantaged persons in our communities, the Board of Directors of Metro Street Focus Organization convened a meeting in 1996 to start up a volunteer support service to offer practical assistance to street youth, their families and other homeless who may be grappling with issues of hunger and deprivation, poverty, addiction, mental illness, unemployment and homelessness.

Our first task was to identify the issues facing this group of people and how to encourage activities that will enhance both short and long term solutions to their problems. Three areas were identified namely: emergency services, prevention strategies and long-term solutions to their problems. These three areas were further analyzed and identified to embrace basic services like food, clothing, shelter, drug awareness and prevention, transportation and vocational training. Since its inception, Metro Street Focus Organization has provided some of the above services due to the generous support we have received from individuals, groups and corporations. Metro Street Focus Organization is a non-profit, charitable and humanitarian body incorporated under the laws of Ontario, registered with Revenue Canada and governed by volunteer staff and Board of Directors.



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